What we do

I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up in the New Zealand countryside. Much of my childhood time was spent exploring and making huts on our farm, fishing in the creek, picking wild blackberries and field mushrooms and feeding orphaned lambs. We ate fresh fruit and vegetables from my mother’s prolific garden, and homegrown meat provided by my father. I grew up with a great love and appreciation of the land, and a sense of connectedness to it.

I have always been interested in sustainability and self-sufficiency, and my belief that our food supply and diet is crucial to our health and wellbeing only ever becomes stronger. The desire to provide safe, natural food and healthcare for my family, combined with my love of the land and gardening, lead me into my journey with natural healing therapies.

My first formal studies introduced me to different healing modalities with herbal medicine igniting a great passion. After experiencing amazing personal benefits from Bowen Therapy (I was a severe asthmatic), I felt drawn to learn and share this gentle technique with others. I am a qualified Bowtech practitioner and regularly undertake ongoing practitioner education, and have completed my masters training. I also practice the beautiful healing energy that is Reiki. I am a qualified Medical Herbalist and Naturopath (Bachelor of Natural Medicine) and it is a privilege to use my combined skills to guide and empower others to better health and wellbeing.

Now living in an urban environment, I am on a mission to grow healthy food and medicine (one and the same), creating my kind of sanctuary. Harmony!

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